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IATSE 63 Woman's Committee

The John Shopka Memorial bag lunch program, for the less fortunate is very proud to announce the delivery of 46 bag lunches to the Chris Tetlock North End Women’s Homeless Shelter. Each lunch contains a bottle of water, a turkey, lettuce and cheese sandwich, a puff pastry, a chocolate bar, a chocolate bunny rabbit, a bag of flavored almonds and an individual size chocolate milk.  

I would like to take this time to thank our donators and our contributors.  Kathy Lotz and Sylvia Wowryk from the Golden Comb Salon and Cindy Smith from Weekend Selkirk laundry service.  Without their donations and contributions this lunch initiative would not be possible. The shelter was very grateful to receive our donations. We are thankful for the opportunity to help.  

Respectfully and in Solidarity 

Sister Alanna Holder Riches

IA63 Women’s Committee Chair 

IA63 Member at Large

IIATSE International Women’s Committee 

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