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IATSE 63 Women's committee needs donations.

October 18, 2023


Alanna Holder-Riches

IA 63 Women’s Committee Chair

IA International Women’s Committee Member

IA63 Member -at- Large

IA63 Executive Board Member

Hello IA 63 Brothers and Sisters.

I wanted to take this opportunity and bring you all up-to-date on what’s happening with the New Women’s Committee. We have created the John Shopka Memorial Bag Lunch Program for the less fortunate. On October 4 this year we made 75 bag lunches and distributed them to less fortunate people around our theatres. Each bag lunch had a sandwich, an apple, a juice box, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and a Ziploc bag.

President Thompson has allowed us a small budget to make collection boxes for future lunch deliveries. There will be a donation box in every crew room in the city. Once a month I will collect the donations and with the help if our Sisters, Major Contributors, and Generous Donators prepare and deliver what has been given.

Cash donations are also very welcome for the purchasing of perishable items such as fruit, meat, cheese, lettuce, bread. Cash donations can be given to any member of the women’s committee. A record of all cash donations will be kept for transparency reasons.

The next target for lunch delivery will be November 11, 2023. We are hoping to have a hot lunch this time. With the thought being a spaghetti with sausage dinner. So for the next lunch delivery we are looking for donations of spaghetti, pasta sauce, bottled water, granola/chocolate bars and so on.

IATSE 63 Women's Committee

Jackie Easton

Tiffany Taylor

Melanie Lemoine

Emma Jorgensen

Kayla McSwain

Carla Schroeder

Paige Croucher

Noel Deleon

Laura Elliott

Diana Miller

Laurie Carpenter

My hopes for this endeavor Brothers and Sisters is to show our community that we as a group can care for more than just ourselves.

Respectfully and in Solidarity


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